The Nature Hospitality

SABAH has been known to have the best coast resources in Malaysia. She has approximately 1800Km of coastline and the largest areas of mangrove swamps in the country. Majority of the mangrove swamps are preserved in the mangrove forest reserve and sustainable management of the mangroves must be kept because the existence and heath of mangroves are known to support a large proportion of marine lives. The endeavors to preserve the existence of the mangroves as part of the environmental landscape for eco-tourism development and also the essential ingredient for aquaculture development.

The Resort Background

What was started 18 years ago as a private oriented hideout has grown over the years to become what it is now-a simple, modern wooden infrastructure with facilities in total harmony with the surroundings. Throughout the years it has evolved from a simple unsophisticated structure, to culturing of seashells and animals rearing deers, goats, buffaloes and ponys. The outdoor activities include canoeing, boating, trolling, fishing, mountain biking, jungle trailing and obstacles challenges. There is also the feeding of monkeys in the surrounding habitat with the excess bananas procured from the neraby plantations. A small hall was added at the request from many visitors to conduct passive indoor activities.

It has remained as a private outfit until requests from visitors and friends necessitated a need to emplace a simple management to accomodate the growing demand. It was decided that the gift of nature at this place be shared with others. An entity was incorporated under the style of "Borneo Paradise Eco Farm" in 1999 and a business license was procured from the authorities to address the incessant demand.

Since the opening of the resort to the public, the majorityof the visitors are from the nearby towns of Tawau, Kunak, Lahad Datu and to this date all over Sabah. The guest normally indulged themselves to family barbecues and fishing activities. The school children organize their programme under the close supervisionof their teachers. Security is well look after with a permanent post stationed by the security forces (Pasukan Gerakan Am) to monitor the surrounding resort.


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  UPDATED 30th July 2007

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